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Sexy Elegance in Your Wedding Dress

So you want to show them what you got. Problem is, you're afraid you might transform from sexy to trashy. And it might not be proper to be revealing on your wedding day. You wouldn't want to get a glance-over from the in laws, right? Don't fret. You can look elegantly sexy with the right choice of bridal dress.

Lady Amaranta

Wedding Dresses

What better way to start off the list than to mention the Lady Amranta wedding dress. This beautiful bridal gown is revealing with its strapless and low sweetheart neckline. And because its bodice is actually a corset, you can expect a boost to your figure. Now you can really show them what you got. Even so, you will hardly look trashy at all. As a matter of fact, you'll look sophisticated in this Swarowski-laden full ball gown made more elaborate by luxuriously rich drapery and shirring.

This two-piece wedding gown is also revealing with its halter top and low neckline. Its bodice is also a corset (a see-through corset at that!) and would help flatter your figure so that you'll look sexier than usual. Yet again, you won't look trashy at all. Not when you are clad in a wedding gown made from rich European fabrics embellished with sparkling Austrian Swaroski and tasteful genuine stones.

Lady Alba

Wedding Dresses

The lovely Lady Alba, with its see-though bodice and flattering corset, also offers a great way to show off your beautiful bust. And you will love how you'll look classy (not at all trashy!) in it.

Tulipia - 20

Wedding Dresses

Would you rather show off your legs than your top? The Tulipia - 20 may be your perfect choice. The dress features a daring skirt length. Not only is it sexy, it's unconventional too. And oh, did you notice that the lace is actually see-through? It still doesn't look cheap, does it? No it doesn't. You will hardly ever look trashy in luxurious fabric, design and elements.

Tulipia - 16

Wedding Dresses

You also get to show off your legs (without looking trashy!) with the Tulipia - 16 wedding dress. This is a stylish and discreet way of sporting a revealing dress on your wedding day. And you will love how the yellow ribbon tied at the waist adds playfulness to the attire. And it doesn't fail to look elegant amidst its sexiness and playfulness. The luxurious fabric, splendid Swarowski embellishment and the elaborate details make the package too sophisticated to ever look trashy.

Tulipia - Spanish

Wedding Dresses

You will also love the sexy elegance in the Tulipia - Spanish. This bridal dress features a bateau top with a daring skirt length at the bottom. Yet again, you won't look trashy in it. Yes, it's not your usual wedding dress length. But you're clad in luxurious fabric, anyway. And there are the Swarowski crystals adding splendor the already beautiful dress.

Don't get guilty with your desire to look sexy. Like they say, "if you've got it, flaunt it." And make sure you look classy (never trashy!) while you're at it.

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